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Back to School, Back to Basics

Back to School

Let who you are in Christ guide your thoughts and actions.

It’s that time of year again. Back to school!

Whether it’s the anxiety of the first day of kindergarten or the excitement of leaving home for college, for many students, it’s a new beginning.

As parents you’ll soothe and reassure little ones, and wave goodbye to young adults, trusting that they’ll be true to the Christian values you’ve instilled over the years.

If you’re a teenager entering high school or young adult off to college or university, congratulations on this milestone! You’re probably experiencing a mix of anticipation, achievement, independence—and yes, the unknown.

Know Who You Are

In this era of growing atheism, sexual immorality, drug use and cheating within the corridors of our educational institutions, you’ll be faced with many challenges as a student. Be confident about WHO you are in Christ and reject those voices around you that do not align with the Word of God.

Getting back to the basics and understanding WHO you are in Christ will guide your every thought and action —WHAT you do, WHEN you do it, WHERE you go and HOW you do it!

You are:

  • Chosen by God, holy and is dearly loved. (Col 3:12). Let that be the whisper in your ear.
  • The salt of the earth and light of the world (Matt 5:13-14). Enhance the life of others with your action.
  • A friend of God (John 15:15) God means you well. Continue to value His presence.
  • A child of God (Gal 3:26) Cry out to your Abba Father in times of need. He’ll never leave nor forsake you.
  • Blessed in your coming and going (Deut. 28:6) Believe that you’ll be successful in your daily work.

Get to know these and the other Bible verses that speak to your identify.

Mediate on them, say them aloud and never lose sight of your destiny and who you are in Christ!

Are you a parent? Email this blog and discuss it with your children. A student? Join or start a Chayil Power Group for ongoing support during the school year.