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Chayil Glory Movement

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Chayil Glory is the powerful great glory of Christ in every believer.

God is awakening and empowering His believers with Revelation, Understanding and Awareness for a Great Awakening in the 2020 Decade, as He “Opens the Floodgates of Glory” to fill our world.

You are alive for such a time as this! Believers in Christ, you have the opportunity to operate with Double Glory.  The Floodgates of Glory will open filling the heavens with angels descending and ascending to collaborate with you for victory and miracles that you are believing for.  This is God’s Shekinah Glory (God with you) and His Host of Angels fighting for you.

Chayil Glory Movement
Chayil Glory Community

In addition, Chayil Glory is the powerful great glory of Christ in every believer, “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” (Col. 1:27).  The Holy Spirit of God will fill you and awaken the Chayil Glory of Christ (Luke 21:27) in you to flow through you in passionate worship, service and intercession for blessings to overtake you. With Double Glory you have Shekinah Glory (God with you) and Chayil Glory (Christ in you).
“Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.” (John 7:38).  
Raise a Hallelujah!  Raise your expectations as God glorifies you to bring Him Glory!  We are a Chayil Generation manifesting Christ!  Chayil Glory is the powerful great glory of Christ in every believer.

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Connect, Establish Altars and Build Relationships for Empowerment, Influence and Personal Transformation


The 7 Pillars – Growth Areas of Jesus: Worship, Wisdom, Power, Honor, Favor, Wealth and Influence


Create an Open Portal of Glory for Jesus to come for Worship, Communion and to establish His Kingdom.


Intentional Focus, Networking for Greater Possibilities in Personal, Business and Societal transformation.


Our world is in crisis and desperate need of salvation that can come only from Jesus Christ. The message of the CHAYIL (powerful, great) Glory of Jesus Christ is the hope of glory for our world. It is the power to transform lives and to impact communities and save our world. Together as ONE we can serve to save our world