Kingdom Enforcers Conference

“Summon Your Power Oh God”
Kingdom Enforcers Conference
May 15-19, 2019

Make Toronto your destination. Come to the gathering of Christ Ambassadors from nations who are joining Dr. Pat Francis, Apostle Julius Suubi, Bishop William Dawson and other Dynamic Teachers.

El CHAYIL, Jesus Christ is assembling a glorified army of believers and angels for Fresh revelation and Baptism With Glory to save our world. It is Harvest Time. God’s message to the Forces of Darkness, “Loose MY people, land, and resources to My Kingdom on Earth.”

• Join the Daily Prayer Summit for more training in Elite Spiritual Warfare
• Experience fresh Baptism With Glory
• Develop stronger, influential, solution-driven Churches
• Grow like Jesus in Wisdom, Stature, Favour with God and People
• Network, form relationships with Global Church, Business & Professional Leaders

Pastors, Leaders bring your Entire Team, Leadership, Staff. Invite your congregation.


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United Kingdom

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