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Touching Nations

Awaken the Glory Within. Be transformed. Achieve your purpose.

Serving Christ. Loving Others

Orphanage in India

Hundreds of children in great orphanages are being helped to become strong children with a good education, relationship with Christ, and medical care.


Outreach - Korea

This outreach is at a Garbage Dump Site where families live and are trying to survive. We partner with a team of Korean Christians to provide food on a weekly basis. The love of God reaches with hope, provision and care wherever people are.

Disaster Relief in Nations

We partnered with organizations for Disaster Relief in Philippines when the powerful Typhoon Haiyan devastated the central region and home to 17 million people. Haiti was hit by a hurricane that devastated the Tiburon Peninsula in southwest Haiti. Nationwide, the hurricane nearly or completely destroyed around 200,000 homes, leaving 1.4 million people in need of humanitarian aid. We helped to provide aid that included medical and food. In Indonesia, a volcanic eruption left thousands of survivors homeless, with little food and living in a compound without toilets. Our Chayil Women went in with supplies and built toilets for the women who were living in shame. On May 1, 2016, a wildfire in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada swept through the community, forcing the largest wildfire evacuation in Alberta’s history, with upwards of 88,000 people forced from their homes. We provided humanitarian aid in partnership with the Red Cross.