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Chayil Glory Foundation (Indonesia)

Awaken the Glory Within. Be transformed. Achieve your purpose.

Feeding Children

Providing hot meals to elementary students in seventeen schools in Magetan. 

Sponsoring, Coaching Teenagers

We began sponsoring students (aged 13 -15), to help them to graduate and move to academic higher levels.

We are also coaching them in building confidence, public speaking, personal discovery of their potential, and that if they study hard they can achieve success.

Feeding Families

  1. We provide hot meals to seniors and families in need weekly.
  2. Distributing love boxes (hot meals, rice and fried chicken) to the homeless, and in schools.
  3. During the pandemic God allowed us to distribute love boxes (hot meals) to 1500 – 2000 packs per month.

CGF Rice Project

Rice is the main food for Indonesians, so we are sponsoring 400 families with 5Kg high quality Rice Packs in West Jakarta and Magetan, bi-monthly.

Ministering to families living at the garbage dump

Before the pandemic, we partnered with a Korean Ministry for the distribution of cooked food to families living in the garbage dump in Sewan, Tangarang.

Outreach Videos

“With your help, we will continue to transform lives, help the poor and share with the world the love and gospel of Jesus Christ. Together we shall grow greater to manifest the glory of Christ everywhere.”


Transforming lives and schools in Magetan


Principal Susi Prihayanti is a great testimony of the power of “Awakening the Glory within”.  The Glory of Christ  was awakened within her resulting in her personal transformation to fulfill her purpose as a powerful influencer. She grew in wisdom and confidence for her personal higher academic achievement, began to influence the children and other teachers, and as a solutionist triggered the renovation and upgrade of her school.

School Transformed - Interior Updates


School Transformed - Exterior Updates