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Igniting the Hope and Glory Within

Igniting The Hope and Glory Within is a very timely book in a world struggling with hopelessness, increased suffering and darkness that is advancing relentlessly.

God’s Hope and Glory are a powerful combination to empower you to be a catalytic agent of change in lives, families, cultures, and societies.

This book describes the Hope and Glory of Christ waiting in every believer to be ignited and unleashed through them to fulfill His plans and purpose to save, heal, and deliver billions of souls in the remaining season before His return. 

Yes, The earth shall be filled with the Glory of the Lord, and together we are His Glory Spreaders. The fierce urgency of now is upon us. Jesus needs us now. The world needs us now.

Revelation is powerful! This book will help you to uncover the treasure troves of God’s Hope and Glory that needs to be ignited in every believer. Let the fire of God ignites us to become His passionate servants of His powerful Hope and Glory! Get your copy today!