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Is COVID-19 Turning the World Upside Down or Right Side Up?

Taking the positive out of negative circumstances.

COVID-19 is seeming to turn the world upside down, but could this be an opportunity to turn things right side up?

As precautionary measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 restrict movement and public gatherings globally, we are encouraged to observe social distancing, isolate and avoid non-essential travel.

Hunkering down like this forces us to be with ourselves and avails us quality time we otherwise may never have.

Use the time wisely

At home it’s an opportunity for families to reconnect, share and bond. Set some goals and decide how you want to come out of this. Will it profit you to binge on Netflix and video games? Or could you catch up on something much more meaningful and advantageous to your personal growth and development?

If you are single, it’s an opportunity to use the time you haven’t had for yourself to introspect. Find intimacy with God and build yourself up in the Lord. Remember, you have nowhere pressing to go but you can press into the author and finisher of your faith. (Hebrews 12:1-3).

Slowing the frenzy and urgency of life’s schedules and demands it seems COVID-19 is setting a new world order—at least temporarily—and from a larger perspective, it’s not all that bad.

Churches are forced out of their four walls. Many are adjusting to reaching the world online. This strengthens their direct impact in sharing hope within more people’s homes.

In communities and apartment buildings where neighbors pass each other like ships in the night, people are checking in on each other’s needs and caring for each other’s wellbeing.

The sharing economy is pivoting from its self-centered axis to valuing the dignity of being human as globally people make deliberate efforts to help the elderly and most vulnerable.

On a global scale, the threat of a pandemic is forcing a surge of sense and sensibility. In the crunch to flatten the curve of the disease and avert a larger crisis, governments are setting aside differences to cooperate and collaborate to put the health and wellbeing of citizens first.


If nothing else, the fragility of life reminds us we are one race— the human race. And in every country from the riches to the least resourced, the language is the same, we are in greater need of God thank we think.

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