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Continue to Press In

The earth is groaning for the sons of God to arise.

We have now completed week one of the 30-Day CHAYIL Glory Prayer Challenge and we thank God for the valiant intercessors participating.

As we “link arms” with fellow believers from across North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the islands of the seas to raise a global altar to Jesus Christ, we will create a tipping point for God to hear, answer and heal our land.

The news of the day around the world this past week confirms the urgency of this set time of prayer and fasting. Wanton mass shootings, wild fires devouring entire towns, floods decimating communities, people displaced while governments threaten trade wars that could destabilize the global economy.

The earth is groaning for the sons of God to arise. I therefore urge you to continue to press in.

Let us continue to humble ourselves, repent and petition the one true God who is able to save humanity and heal our land.

Everyone can participate. Invite the children, youth, young adults and adults of all ages in your sphere of influence to join in in this set time of prayer and fasting. It is not too late to get involved. Together let us raise the banner of Jesus Christ as we pray:

  1. RED ALERT – Save Our World! (Ezekiel 22:30). 
  2. We repent. “We have sinned” (Judges 10:15) 
  3. Save our Nation (Psalm 86:9) 
  4. Let the Glory of Jesus Christ fill the earth (Isaiah 6:3). God’s light will destroy darkness, His grace destroy sin, His CHAYIL glory will destroy evil.

We are believing God’s promise that if we do this, he will “hear from heaven, forgive our sins and will heal our land” (2 Chronicles 7:14).

Let us trigger a global revival to stop global disaster.

Have you joined the challenge? Send us pictures of you praying at your personal, group or church altar. Be sure to also share them on social media with your friends and family. Use: @CHAYILglory or #CHAYILGloryPrayerChallenge.