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A Focused Timeout

Stop. Listen. Act.

In sports, a coach strategically uses timeouts to regroup the players when the momentum shifts, and the rhythm of the game gets out of balance. A timeout stops all the distractions of the game, allowing the focused attention of the players to listen to the coach’s voice, get strategic instruction and then return to the game.

We’ve been talking of this current global pandemic as a global reset. For the Christian believer, God the Father is our coach and this pause on our lives is much like a timeout to remove us from all the distractions of life, refocus us and give us new strategies for returning to the ‘field’.  

As it is in sports, timeouts are only effective if the players stop, listen and act or S.L.A.

Here’s how we too can S.L.A and get the most out of this ‘timeout’:

  1. Stop! Stop all the stuff that keeps you too busy to tune into God’s frequency. Remove yourself from all distractions and the ‘noise’. The ‘noise’ is the news, Netflix, social media, email, the children, or anything that competes for your focused attention on our “Coach”.
  2. Tune into God’s frequency and listen for His still small voice (1 Kings 19:12). His Holy Spirit, the Comforter has been given to us to guide us in all truth (John 16:13). In the place of waiting on God, and basking in His presence you begin to hear the coach’s voice. Speaking through His Holy Spirit, He guides you, fills your emptiness and replenishes you. As you are being replenished, you are also being given instructions, strategies, solutions to your problems and new directives for a victorious life.
  3. Practically apply what you have heard from God our “Coach”. This is the obedience phase of S.L.A. If you miss this step, it virtually nullifies the process you’ve just been through and even creates a blockage for future communication.

Our “coach” wants to be in constant communication with us (1Thessalonians 5:17). It is He who equips us to be victorious in this life (Hebrews 13:21). Let us be cautious during this global “timeout” to not miss the moment to huddle with Him. Let’s not allow a new set of things to distract us.

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