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Chayil Leadership Network

Chayil Leadership Training

Chayil Glory is the powerful great Glory of Jesus Christ in every believer. Chayil Leadership Training is available for children, youth, millennials and adults. We focus on: 1) growing like Jesus in His character and grace in seven Chayil Pillars (Luke 2:52); 2) awareness and awakening of the powerful great glory of Christ in every believer (Col. 1:27) to flow through us as His witnesses and servants; Purpose-driven Holistic Prosperity to serve Christ, love people, and make our world a better place. Please see below the different Chayil Leadership Intensives, and Coaching Programs. God is raising up godly leaders whom He will bless to be a great blessing in our world. For more information please write to me at


CHAYIL Pillars are seven pillars for a focused life with the values of Jesus, to develop great character, grace, godliness and to intentionally grow like HIM for holistic success and eternal legacy. The CHAYIL Pillars mirror the intentional growth of Jesus. “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” (Luke 2:52).
The CHAYIL Pillars are worship, wisdom, power, honor, favor, wealth, influence.


“A Great Leader is a Leader of Great Leaders”
Our Chayil Leadership Intensives for one day or two days attracts Business, Professional and Church Leaders. We will go on a journey where you will experience Awakened Greatness, Personal Transformation, ReImagine your Future, and so much more. Our intensives are: 1) The Chayil Pillars for Successful Leadership 2) The 7-Cs of “The Intentional Leader”. Holistic Success is your spiritual DNA!
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“Developing Ethical & Prosperous leaders”
We will create a pathway for a greater you, leadership and influence. Personal success planning with financial intelligence will prepare you for covenant wealth for greater influence. Holistic Wealth is your spiritual DNA. Holistic wealth is: who you are, your provision, and your access to resources to help others and make our world a better place. For more information,


Toronto, Canada
Mission: To mentor youth and millennials for holistic prosperity in all areas of life.
CHAYIL glory is the powerful great glory of Jesus Christ in every believer.
Five Focus Areas
1) Faith, Spirituality & Inner Healing 2) Life Coaching
3) Academic Mentorship 4) Career Coaching
5) Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Pretoria, South Africa
Ministering to Youth and Young Adults, giving hope and salvation.
A fully sponsored Entrepreneur Symposium in partnership with a Canadian Organization planned for 200 people in a hotel in Pretoria, September 26-27, 2019.


Most successful people boast in the coaching they invested in and received.   Olympic athletes, Business, Professional, and Church leaders enjoy the security of having a coach.  A coach will motivate you to achieve your potential, make you to see your great future, and then help you to create the best structure and strategy for achievement.  In addition, we will empower you with intentionality, insight and accountability that you need to achieve measurable and consistent results.  Our coaches come with experience and success in personal development, organizational leadership, global project developments, and financial planning for prosperity.
Holistic Prosperity is your spiritual DNA!
Ready to try Chayil Coaching? – Get a FREE 20-minute session to get started!  In just one powerful session, you will:
1. Clarify your goal
2. ReImagine your future and possibilities
3. Discuss a plan of action to achieve your specific outcomes


Pat Francis

Personal Development & Leadership

Jerrold Johnson

Global Project Developments

Caroline Mars

Financial Planning and Prosperity