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4 Steps to Spiritual Fitness

4 Steps to Spiritual Fitness

How to train your mind, spirit and body to achieve spiritual fitness in Christ.

Never before has there been a greater focus on health and fitness than now.

We join walking challenges, restaurants feature low-calorie meals and employers are rewarding staff for making healthy choices. 

As the world zeros in on the health of the physical body, this and the many other crises we face today call for greater spiritual fitness and intimacy with Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.

We thank God for enabling man to heal through medical advancements. We also know that God’s desire for us is true wholeness―body, mind and spirit ―nothing missing, nothing broken (James 1:4), available by His grace through our faith in Him.

In the same way that physical fitness requires training, a healthy diet and commitment, spiritual fitness necessitates a quality decision, practice and the right meal.

Get started on your journey to spiritual fitness:

  1. Start your day right: Take the time each day to listen to the Lord, renew your strength and have Him prepare your path. Let His Word and wisdom come to life in you as you face the day’s challenges. 
  2. Watch what you consume: Garbage in, garbage out—the saying goes. Therefore, guard your soul by watching what your eyes and ear consume. For example, avoid naysayers and limit your exposure to the junk food that’s often found on television.
  3. Keep taking your medicine: Throughout your day, attend to God’s Word. It is healing to your body and medicine to your soul (Proverbs 4:22). Best of all, this is the only medicine you will not overdose on. Don’t limit your daily dosage!
  4. Walk in love: Choose to live a life of love based on 1 Corinthians 13 and don’t count the wrongs done to you. Being quick to forgive will result in less stress in your life. In Luke 17: 1-4, Jesus warns against causing offence and urges forgiveness as many times as is necessary.

Be spiritually fit! Create or join a CHAYIL Power Group to be a personal coach or for support to stay on your journey to spiritual fitness.


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