Pat Francis Bio

Introducing Dr. Pat Francis

Dr. Pat Francis is the Founding Pastor of Kingdom Covenant Ministries, a strong multi-cultural influential Church in Mississauga, Greater Toronto Area, Canada.  She travels the world sharing the gospel of the Glory of Christ that is transforming lives and helping people to discover their potential glory for greater achievement.

The various innovative and dynamic programs run by her charities and programs are helping families and providing solutions for at risk children and youth. Dr. Pat has been honored with several awards both in Canada and America for the success of the programs.

In January 2008, she was appointed as a United Nations Representative (NGO) with influence as a transformation activist to deal with humanitarian issues and poverty in partnership with world leaders. She served as a member of the Women Presidents Organization, an international network of women with million-dollar companies.

Chayil Leadership Network is a relationship building organization with global business, professional, and Church leaders for personal development, community projects, coaching in business and leadership, and to advance God’s Kingdom in societies and nations.

She is a graduate of the University of West Indies in the medical field of Radiography, as well as California State Christian University where she graduated with a doctoral degree in Philosophy, Religious Education and Psychology.

She is an author, coach, TV host and host of “Facebook Chayil Conversations with Pat Francis”.  Dr. Pat possesses a unique ability and gift to engage with all people regardless of their age, status or station in life. She resides in Greater Toronto, Canada.