The Mission of Jesus Christ

The mission of Jesus Christ is described by His name.  Jesus means Savior of the world.  God is practical and therefore our mission to you and our world is practical help for you personally, your family, your community and nation.  Together we can create a betterworld. We are told by Jesus to feed and clothe the poor, rescue orphans, help the elderly, visit those in prison, and to show God’s goodness and mercy to people of all ages, culture and nationalities.

Through our Committed Partners we are changing lives, helping the poor and making our world a better place.  Their prayers and generous financial support help us take the message message and mission of Jesus to the world.  We have ministered and helped children and families in Asia, China, India, Africa, North and South America, Jamaica. We have provided aid and disaster relief in India, Haiti, Philippines and Indonesia.

Our “Covenant Garden Estate” campus on a 20 acres property in Mathibestad, South Africa provides home, loving care, education and recreation for orphans and the children of the community.  Our unique 7-step program takes our children from survival to successful choices for a bright future.  Please see In addition our bakery and farming project provide training and employment to the community.

Pat Francis Ministries was established in January 1999 and is registered in Canada, America, South Africa and Jamaica as a charitable organization. It is the Media and Missions arm of Kingdom Covenant Ministries,, a vibrant multi-cultural Church in Toronto, Canada.

Together we are changing lives, impacting generations and transforming communities.

KCLI Education

Our KCLI approach provides a well-rounded curriculum in Theology & Biblical Studies, Christian Counselling, Leadership and Wealth Creation. This can be done affordably and with minimal disruption to your regular obligations.

Study at your convenient time !

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