Kickstart 2019 With a 21-Day Daniel Fast

It’s the Year of Manifested Glory for Great Harvest

I believe in 2019 we will see God operating in DUAL ACTIONS with Judgement of evil and Blessings for those who believe in Him. It will be a season of:
• Divine visitations of Glory
• Great harvest of abundant blessings
• Birthing, fruitfulness, multiplication
• Miracles, signs, wonders
• Outpouring of Revelation
• ‘Suddenlies’, turnarounds, and quick answers to prayer

Position Yourself for YOUR Great Harvest with a 21-Day Daniel Fast January 7-27.
The Daniel Fast is intentional fasting with prayer for 21 days for divine favour and manifested glory (Daniel 1:8-15). It limits food and prioritizes worship, intercession, spiritual warfare, declarations, Bible reading and meditation.

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It’s Harvest Time
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You are the CHAYIL Army of God manifesting His great glory in the earth.