• Rule Your World

Recommended Resources


The Ultimate Secret

In this book, The Ultimate Secret, you will learn the five principles for creating and ruling your world. If you have a world that was created for you by your parents, by circumstances or by others that is not your best world, you can create the world of your choice by activating your double power. Learn about the secret power within you and then begin your journey for a greater you for a greater world.


The One-Voice Prayer CD

This is a CD that I have created for you that contains prayers for you, your family, your finances, your health, your career or business, your peace and prosperity. Together we will pray in unity and agreement to create an atmosphere of peace, prosperity and power as you Create and Rule Your World. You can create an atmosphere of peace in your home, car and workplace. Prayer is powerful as it reaches the heart of God for the release of His Power for change on earth. Listen and agree with me as I pray God’s creative word over you.


The Rule Your World Videos

In this series you get in-depth teaching on how to Rule Your World with your Double Power to Choose, Create and Control your world. There is power within you to choose your world; there is potential within you to create your world and there is authority within you to control your world.


The Kingdom FIT Daily Exercise Plan

The Kingdom FIT Daily Exercise Plan is my gift to you to guide into a daily work out for a stronger spirit, soul and body. You Rule Your World by your daily choices to exercise the Kingdom of God FOR you for daily salvation; the Kingdom of God IN you for daily strength, and the Kingdom of God THROUGH you for greater significance. God wants you to be strong in your spirit, soul and body.