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The love and mercy of Jesus can only be experienced in our world through faithful people committed to Global missions. With the help of our great and generous partners, Pat Francis Ministries is rescuing the poor, giving hope to the hopeless and changing lives. Together we shall share Jesus, save children, help victims, and transform lives.

Children Program

Pat Francis Ministries partners with organizations to rescue desperate children, build homes for their safety and care and provide for their educational and spiritual need.  In our children programs we provide basic necessities for survival and more in our campaign to rescue children who are abandoned or being abused in work and sex slavery. Our 20 acres Covenant Garden Estate campus in Mathibestad, South Africa, is our mission campus and child development centre that provides homes, safety and care for desperate children.  Our unique 7-step strategy program for child development, takes each child from rescue into a program that involves love, care, education, healing from potential trauma to career development and significance for a strong future. “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.” John 14:18. With a charity and enterprise model, we also provide training and jobs for people in the community with our bakery and farming projects.

Disaster Relief

Through our Disaster Relief program we have provided aid to countries such as Haiti, Philippines, Indonesia in times of natural disaster. The word relief is mercy ministry displaying God’s heart for people in crises. We provide food, medicine and practical items to help the afflicted survive and be protected from the aftermath of the disaster that can lead to outbreak of diseases and more injury.

Education Programs

Through our education programs such as our Leadership Institute, career training and business training, people are being empowered to create their world with provision for their families and the ability to make choices that are now possible.

Solution for the poor

Through our Solution for the poor projects we provide aid to children and the poor in developing nations. Our holistic approach aims to take children from rescue and survival to empowerment with education, job creation and community development. The heart of charity is compassion and kindness. With our Charity to Enterprise approach we also provide market-driven sustainable solutions that not only provide aid to children and the poor, but also transform lives and communities.

Our philosophy involves partnering with people in developing nations to provide solutions for their communities, thus giving dignity and satisfaction to all participants.

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