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CHAYIL Partner Benefits

Your Benefits as a CHAYIL Partner:

  • Prayer support by Dr. Pat and our CHAYIL Intercessors
  • Gifts and special blessings from our CHAYIL Leaders
  • Access to our influential CHAYIL Global leaders in ministry, business and government
  • Blessings for rescuing children, changing lives and transforming communities
  • Training to lead a CHAYIL Power Group in your home, church, school, workplace
  • Travelling with CHAYIL Missions teams for children and humanitarian projects
  • Attend global and local CHAYIL Events, www.kec.patfrancis.org  www.clnonline.org and www.chayilwomenintl.org
  • Special rates for coaching in ministry and business
  • New relationships with Global CHAYIL Partners for ministry and business possibilities. Strong relationships bring you into a wealthy place that can produce great opportunities

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