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Champion Stories

Years ago I hear Dr. Pat at a conference. I was a Christian faithfully serving in my Church but knew that there was more to be achieved in my Kingdom life. I am a factory owner with a large staff and yet I had a poor self image. I was put down so many times that I had begun to believe in the lies of the enemy. I made a decision to become a Chayil Partner of Pat Francis Ministries and to study Dr. Pat’s teachings for new levels of revelation and impartation. I joined in the team fighting to rescue One Million Children from abandonment, work slavery and sex slavery. By finding new purpose in my life, I began to grow in significance knowing that I had the power to rescue children and to make my world a better place. I have grown in knowledge, power and confidence. God has given me greater ability to create wealth as I activated Deut 8:17,18 in my life. I prayer God bless me to be a blessing to children and to take you Kingdom message and mission to the world. God has answered my prayers. I am a solution to our world and experiencing my best life now. I give God all the glory as I arise, shine, receive His glory to glorify His Name in all the Earth.
~ Frida Arifin, Malang.

Jesus has promised to “set us free indeed”. I believe in Dr Pat’s declaration that we are “One revelation from a new dimension and one relationship from new possibilities”. I heard Dr. Pat first in a conference in Sydney, Australia and my life has been changed forever. I have been a very successful business woman, also with my own ministry for many years loving God with all my year yet with a deep need that I did not understand. I heard Dr. Pat’s teaching on, “”The one thing in our life that is blocking a new blessing in our life.” Jacob had to wrestle for his blessing. He was wealthy but; he was the son of Isaac but. He had a great family but. I had a ‘but’ in my life that is now gone. I am a Kingdom Enforcer. In addition to my successful family businesses, my great family, I am now Pastor of Kingdom Glory Ministries in Indonesia, a solution to suffering children, connected to my global Chayil family. I feel loved, significant and I am more in love with my Jesus every day. Dr Pat’s teachings and impartation in my life started a revolution that is growing as I partner with Pat Francis Ministries to take the message and the mission of the Kingdom of God in preparation for my King’s return.
~ Pastor Evie Kesek, Jakarta.

As a little boy I was abandoned by my father and although my mother prayed and tried hard to provide for her children, I got involve with hard drugs that burnt out my brain. I attempted suicide and as I was about to kill myself, I prayed and God rescued me and said, “I will heal you and give you another chance if you give your life to me.” I went to Church, gave my life to Jesus and He miraculously healed my mind. I got scholarships for school and I finished all my courses in record time. I am now a chartered accountant in Australia and involved in several business projects in developing nations.
~ Justin Ericson, Australia.

I am a Kingdom Enforcer living in Argentina. I am a Pastor and a Coordinator of Kingdom Covenant Leadership Institute in Argentina. Every year I go to Toronto for our annual Kingdom Enforcers Conference and I am now more powerful and confident in Christ in me my hope of glory. I am proud to be a member of our Chayil Partners and to teach the Kingdom messages of Dr Pat in our churches in Argentina. The truth of God is setting us free. I now know that through our God I shall do valiantly for he shall thread down all my enemies. I have learned The Ultimate Secret that I am made in the image of God to speak like God words of faith to create and rule my world.
~ Maria, Argentina.