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The Lord is my Shepherd. This dynamic teaching series will help you to achieve security in God in the time of Global Crisis. You will learn how to apply “The Lord is my Shepherd” declarations in your life like never before. When we look around globally, we realize that assistance and solutions is needed. Even though David was a king, he needed the King of Kings and the Lords of Lords. He wrote the Psalm of Security in the time of Crisis. Whatever you face today, you must believe that God can demonstrate his power. When the enemy attacks you, it is against God Almighty himself. The Lord will protect and guide you! Psalm 23 Declarations: “The LORD is my Shepherd” “I shall not want.” When God brings Global corrections he also brings believers preservation. God is going to shake the earth and shake the heavens, so that which cannot be shaken can remain. You are anointed for Victory! God is never late. He is never early. He is always on time.