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It is here! A word that will heal, inspire and motivate you to make God’s provision for your life a reality! Many times our lack of knowledge causes us to stand by in fear and silence while the enemy takes control of our health, finances, family life, relationships, education, business, ministry and more. We ask God, “Why?”. In this intriguing book, Dr. Pat Francis masterfully opens your eyes to the promises of God that will dramatically change your life and bring you into your destiny. In this inspiring study, you will discover: How to deal with obstacles blocking your blessing; How to effectively pray the Word of God; How to receive the benefits and blessings of your salvation. Turning obstacles into stepping-stones is but a dream for most people, but for you it can become a reality! No matter what your family background or circumstances, no matter how many failures you’ve had, God is looking for people to empower and turn their weakness into strength. Will you be one of them? This book is certain to change your life. Get your copy today and make your dream a reality.